Our Body – Durable, Curable, Miracle

Here I would like to give you a few inputs to learn and deepen the wonder about our wonderful body. These 10 insights provide a “reasonable” basis for the power of self-healing. Further scientific explanatory approaches can be found in my book “The Book of Self-healing”.

  • Our body is the most intelligent instrument we have ever known in the universe. In the thousands of years, our immune system has developed and refined a comprehensive intelligence, so that it can resolve any disorder in principle – when we create the necessary conditions for it like relaxation, joy, love, inner harmony, etc. …
  • Our body has 60 to 100 trillion cells, which normally work in harmony for our very best. We probably have more cells than stars in the universe.
  • Our brain “contains” over 100 billion cells, which can form an infinite number of links. The individual structure of the neuronal networks determines the personality.
  • In every second, about 100,000 biochemical reactions take place in every single cell, that is: many billiards of biochemical processes in the whole body per second.
  • Every thought triggers a cascade of chemical reactions that cause emotions and other reactions in the body.
  • With each individual thought, we have influence on the biochemistry of the blood, the impulses of the nervous system, the hormonal system, the reading of the DNA, the nature of our cells, our health, our happiness, our environment, our future as well as our perception of the past.
  • In every second, approximately 10,000 cells die and 10,000 cells are newly formed.
  • Each cell probably has billions of atoms – each of our atoms was there shortly after the Big Bang, already flying into all corners of the universe.
  • Many of our atoms have “witnessed” the emergence of the earth, animals and humans, have “lived” in different compounds in plants, animals, inanimate matter or in other people.
  • The scientific probability that there is the universe, the stars, the earth, and the people and especially you is less than a trillion of a trillion of a trillions of one percent. What a miracle that you are.