“The way is the goal” – Confucius

Working with imagination the way and the goal are manifold and they are determined by yourself. We visualize the goals and enjoy the ways and experience ourselves in the midst of the goal.

In the center thereby likes to stand the recovering of dignity, freedom and creative power and many other things like e.g:

  • Expanding the perception
  • Disbanding of rigid borders
  • Stimulation of creativity
  • Deepening of experiencing in the body
  • Sensitization of the body
  • Transformation of the body through different healing pictures
  • Flow
  • Introspection
  • Discovering the own resources and potentials
  • Discovering the ability of self-regulation
  • Discovering of new habits
  • Diving into the inner depths and very depths
  • Experience of closeness
  • Let go of old negative behavior patterns and dogmas
  • Easing or healing of health problems
  • Intensification of positive feelings like love, esteem and dignity.
  • In connection with the whole life
  • In connection with all possibilities of being
  • And now you can invent something yourself