For your inner stimulation I have placed some exercises here which might be meaningful and which you can practice regularly and if required. In my two books they and other exercises are described in detail, you can find an insight in the exercises under MP3

danke, german thank you on pebblesGratitude diary: every morning and every evening and if required write down for what you are thankful in your life: this can be the blossoming of a rose, a nice say of someone, a nice evening with your partner, the sunrise, your own progress, healthy results at the doctor etc. – everything that deserves our gratefulness and that you can save in the treasure chest of your heart so that it fills more and more.

médaillon oval doréMirror exercise: Please praise, esteem, appreciate and love yourself every time when you are standing in front of a mirror or when you pass it for every single step into an awakened life!

Happy Buddha - Shanti Hintergrund Gold

Smiling: requires much less muscles effort than a remorseful facial expression – and immediately the body produces “happy hormones”. Please tense your orbicular muscle of your eye in that way that your soul is directly blinking out of your eyes.


Mandala exercise: in a world that is infinite and in which time is eternal every place is the midst and you are standing exactly there. You can listen to an exercise under MP3.


Crown: the best is that you shape your own crown which puts you upright immediately in your dignity.

Angelic being obscured

Wings: Turn out to be someone and start to fly – fly high and wide and free!

dandelion close up over blue background

Letting go: Breathe out, breathe out, breathe out – your tensions, worries, doubts, you fear, your rage…

achieving the perfect balance

Balance: Swing to and for between your fears and your courage, your worries and your freedom, your insecurity and your confidence until you find your inner midst.

spa stones in night with water concept

Temple of your heart: Create, shape, live in an inner temple which shelters and protects, which harbors and blesses, that embraces and leads you wisely. You can listen to the wonderful version of the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, sung by Hein Braat: