Brief guide to the exercises:

The power of imagination brings us into a space of infinite freedom. Frequently, we are determined by automatism and firm personality structures. These hinder us often, to see the world always new and curious, pure and clear and full of impartiality.

The Daily Newsletter HeartLight wants to inspire your imagination, to loosen these fixed structures and expand your awareness and  thinking.

Thus you can use the daily images in many ways:

  • You can use the HeartLight image as a background picture so to speak for the day: You can put the events of the day on this picture! Scientific research confirms that the so-called background is the interpretation of an event. If, for example, you put your feelings of hurt on a picture of a fiery volcano, you can spit it out. If you place them on an elephant, you can carry them easily. If you look at them with the eyes of the universe, then it is a small blob, brightened with glowing star glitter. You always have the choice!
  • You can use the HeartLight image as a concrete imagination. Please breathe into your heart and imagine exactly what the exercise recommends. Feel how your body reacts to the image and learn about this body reaction the depth of the exercise. Save the new consciousness. Repeat this every hour or whenever you feel it necessary.
  • You can use the HeartLight image as a challenge, to train your creative potential. Sometimes I hear the remark: “I could not do anything with the exercise!” It probably does not correspond to your thinking and perception patterns. So please take it as a challenge to expand your perceptions. Perhaps I’ll send you an exercise: “Imagine a giraffe with a candle in a church today.” This would be an exercise that may be trivial, but that would stimulate your creative thinking and potential to develop neural networks and to develop a wonderful story: a giraffe blowing out or lighting a candle here in a church. Everybody is looking at it curiously, caress it, making pictures etc.

As you can see, you can work with imagination on many different levels – please ask me if you feel something unclear and would like to tell me about all the suggestions and successes you get with the exercises. The exercises are designed for a defined period of days so that your brain becomes more familiar with the imagination and with new problem solutions and new experiences in your body. Please email me what you need or what inner image can help you to be fulfilled every day, full of confidence and inner happiness.

Open your heart and start