The T-Room

The T-Room in Holbeinstraße 49 in Lindau Germany is now finished. Many interesting people offer groups and courses about self-healing, relaxation, enjoyment, … I am happy that it has become a room for creativity which helps with a more happy, fulfilling and healthy life.

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Interview with Sara Jane

In this video I talk to Sara Jane about the importance of self-healing.

With your mind to your heart

In this series of presentations about the heart we want to achieve to improve our knowledge about the heart and strengthen it’s health.

The focus is the healthy heart: it’s mysterious development, it’s powerful dynamic and it’s function to move everything with deep love which we all feel there.

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From the wisdom of the body,
the freedom of the mind
and the love of the heart
arises a deep power:
the ability to heal yourself..

Welcome to the magic of self-healing

For thousands of years people know about the power of imagination and its influence on the body, the soul and last but not least on the whole life. Today scientific research proves that every inner picture is embodied directly and that the totality of our conscious and unconscious imagination is the basis for health and disease. Already while reading these lines the biochemistry of your body, your heart beat, your breathing and many more are changing.

You can activate your ability to influence the processes in the body via inner pictures. This happens e.g. by resolving blockades, by the sensitization of the body, the expansion of the perception, the deepening of communication and by the awakening of creative strengths. So the inner pictures can be stimulated in their colorfulness and shaped and embodied to a positive composition. Then well-being, confidence and happiness can reign inside and healing becomes possible.

The work in the groups creates a creative healing space in which individual processes are stimulated and supported. Not only on a physical but also on a psychological level self-healing is a process of successful communication and cooperation. Self-healing combines body, heart and spirit to a tremendous shaping power.

P.S. The information provided from my sides is exclusively informative and cannot be understood as a replacement for a medical treatment. It is neither a salvation statement nor a salvation promise in a legal sense nor are they to be understood as such.